1. What is a rekey?

Rekey is the term used to describe changing the combination to a lock to set a new key for it. When you rekey a lock the old key you had will not work. You will have to use the new key that was set for that particular lock.

2. When and why should I rekey my home or business locks?

    a. If you are moving into a home you just purchased.
    b. If someone stole or you lost your keys.
    c. You have had an employee leave your company.
    d. If you are unsure if someone may have duplicated your home or business key.

There may be many reasons to rekey your locks but the most important reason is for your peace of mind. Contractors and builders provide copies of keys to painters, plumbers, cleaning crews and sales people. Many people handle your keys before you close on a home. Does your contractor or builder keep track of all the keys distributed? Did any of those people make unauthorized copies? If you are unsure of the answer to any of this questions then you should probably rekey your locks.

3. Can I rekey my locks so that they all use the same key?

    If your locks all have the same keyway then yes your locks can all be keyed alike or made to open with one key. Keyway is the term used to describe the slot where the key enters the lock. Some brands of locks use the same keyway but some don't. If you want a particular key to open all your locks get that key and try it in all the locks that you want keyed alike. If the key enters all the way easily then the locks can be rekeyed for that key. It is possible to have one single key unlock your residence, garage door and even any padlocks that you might be using to secure gates to fences or storage sheds. If the key you want enters into most locks except for a few then you need to change those few to the same keyway so the key can unlock them. 

4. My car keys have security built into them. Do I have to go to an autodealership to make duplicate keys?

    The answer to this is no. Some vehicle keys do require that they be made at an autodealership but most can be made by a locksmith. Usually a locksmith is less expensive that an autodealership. 

5. Can you duplicate and originate high security keys? 

    Yes, We have the latest equipment to duplicate and originate high security keys for a wide variety of vehicle's.  

6. Do I have to go to a home improvement store or a retail store to make a duplicate key for my home or business?

 No, we can respond to your location wherever you are and make a duplicate key for your home, business or vehicle. The employees at the home improvement or retail stores have no special training or experience at cutting or duplicating keys. When we respond to your location we will make sure that the duplicate key operates properly in the corresponding lock. The equipment used to make duplicate keys require that they be calibrated and serviced so that they can cut accurate keys. Most of the equipment used at these stores are never calibrated. If a duplicate key is cut incorrectly it will not work. If this occurrs more than likely you will find yourself having to take another trip to the store.

7. Why should I hire a locksmith to unlock my car, home or business?

There are many people out there claiming to know how to unlock vehicles. A lot of them even claim to have equipment to unlock vehicles. Some people use coat hangers and other household items to attempt to unlock vehicles. The most important thing you need to remember is that your vehicle is an investment. Like any investment you want to make sure that you pay attention to it and take care of it. Many of the people I described above have no special training. Most of the vehicles on the road today have added safety features for the protection of it's occupants. Car manufacturer's also added safety features to help prevent vehicle theft. When you hire an untrained and unskilled person to unlock your vehicle you are running the risk of having that person damage any of the safety features of your vehicle. Other possible damage can include but is not limited to shattered windows, damage paint, bent door frame or disconnected rods.  The cost to repair some of the damages described above can run into the hundreds of dollars. STOP! Please think are you ready to pay out hundreds of dollars to repair the damage done by an unskilled person to your vehicle. What about your home or business? Would you rather have a professional work at your home or business or anyone claiming to know what they are doing. At Addax Locksmith Company we have many specialized tools to unlock vehicles of all makes and models safely with no damage. We also have the experience that you would expect from a professional locksmith company.

8. What is the difference between a single deadbolt and a double deadbolt?

A single deadbolt has a keyway on the outside but none on the inside. A single deadbolt can be locked manually from the inside of a door with no key. A double deadbolt has keyways on the outside and on the inside. It requires a key to lock and unlock from the inside and outside. 

9. How long will it take to get emergency lockout services?

Time may vary depending on the time of the day that you contact us and your actual location. Our goal is to provide fast, reliable and friendly service to each customer. On most cases one of our representatives can be at your location in approximately 25 minutes. 

10. Does you company open and repair safes? 

Yes, we have technicians that open and repair safes.

11. Why should I hire Addax Locksmith Company?

      Addax Locksmith Company is a licensed locksmith company in the State of Texas (License # B18579). We are fully insured for your protection. Addax Locksmith Company was established with the goal of providing professional locksmith services to the Rio Grande Valley. All of our representatives understand that they are to provide each and every customer with excellent customer service. We have specialized equipment and trained personnel to make sure that your experience with our company is great. We know that customers often times require services fast. When you contact our company and we provide you with a time for the services we will do everything in our power to ensure that we keep all our scheduled appointments. Addax Locksmith Company is here to help you the customer. Please contact us with any questions or security concerns that you might have. One of our representatives will get you an anwser to any and all of your questions. 

12. Do you know if the company or person you hired to work on your home, business or vehicle has a locksmith license issued and regulated by the state?

      When you check online or in the phonebook you should make sure that the company or person that you hire is licensed by the state. Their license should be active along with their business insurance. The state requires this of any person working as a locksmith in the State of Texas. Upon request (locksmith) technician should provide an I.D. issued by the state that identifies the locksmith as being licensed. The State of Texas does this to protect customers from fraud or theft. 

       The goal of this page is to help answer some of the most common questions customers might have. If after reading this page something is still unclear please contact us. Our representatives are standing by to help you in any way we can. We want to provide you with as much information as possible so that together we can make

your home or business as secure as possible. Please read the questions and answers below. Again thank you

for your time.

Frequently Asked

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